Custom Bookbinding

       Even though we treat every book with individual care, individual bookbinding refers to the person rather than the book.   You don't have to be a large corporation with a big run to have your bookbinding, book repair, or rare book collection restoration performed at Turul Bookbindery.  There are NO minimum quantities.  Our services are retained hundreds of times each year for personal book binding services.
        Individual also refers to another aspect as well- individual preference.  At Turul Bookbindery, we cater to our customer's bookbinding, book repair, and rare book restoration needs.  Our clients pick their books' cover color, foil stamping color, book cover material, and many other facets of the bookbinding and book repair process.  The possibilities for your book projects are endless!
        Individual bookbinding and custom book making can be anything from a compilation of your favorite magazines to your college thesis. Perhaps your Mom has a hand written journal of memories or recipes?  Imagine your favorite journal or your grandfather's military journal -  beautifully bound or restored to preserve through the years!   At Turul Bookbindery, we do it all.  Here are just a few of the many options offered for your books 
Magazine/ Publication Volumes
    Are you a subscriber to a magazine or a newsletter?  Do you have STACKS of them around your house?  Why not convert them into beautifully bound books or a nice set of volumes to display on your book shelf?!  
Correspondence Compilations 
    It's not uncommon for someone to keep treasured personal letters as a remembrance of someone special.  Correspondence is also kept for legal or for reference purposes.  Turul Bookbindery can bind a compilation of these letters or emails to keep either as a sentimental keepsake or a handy reference book. We design and create books and journals for any special occasion!
Memory Books
    Do you have a collection of pictures, stories, letters, or mementos that have been sitting in a box for years?  A custom book with all of these makes a wonderful gift for occasions such as milestone birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or even Christmas. Is your life story on loose sheets of paper - bring it in and see what can be done with those sheets.  Click HERE For more information on our Memory Books.
Custom  Bookbinding
    Another service offered at Turul Bookbindery is custom  bookbinding.  Our staff can help you create the book you are looking for.    Just email us or call us at (973) 361-2810.
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